New year, new …

I don’t ‘do’ New Year Resolutions. Partly it’s because I resent the expectation of them, the forced conformity of it all. Partly it’s because I cannot see why 1 January, in the middle of the Twelve Days of Christmas, is any more significant that any other day for choosing a new path. I always think September with its warm light and back-to-school feel is a more natural choice. Continue reading


Thoughts on #HomeForChristmas

The Waitrose 2016 Christmas ad really works. The heart-warming tale of a plucky robin battling the odds on his annual migration from the Scandinavian forests to a British back garden was an almost guaranteed winner, of course, particularly with the technical advice of ecologist Chris Baines to make sure that the robin’s behaviour and calls were just right.

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Full Disclosure

Time to be honest: my 2016 sweet pea project was NOT a success.

I have no doubt that the seed was excellent – Easton Walled Gardens have never let me down. But the experiment of planting the seed in April and planting out later than usual, intended to avoid the tyranny of watering in the driest months of the year, was an almost complete failure. Continue reading

New books, well-crafted words

Good Things #1

©I was genuinely moved by a recent post by Emma at A Quiet Life, in which she spoke of the crying she has done over her illness. This is a subject to which I can relate all-too-well. There have been many hours of stormy tears for me over the last decade, springing from the frustration I feel.

Yet I am not an unhappy person by nature  Continue reading