Microplastics: the story continues

You may have read my earlier post about the plastic microbeads included in everyday beauty products. Unfortunately, despite a UK government pledge to ban microbeads this year,  the issue of plastic pollution of our oceans isn’t going away. Plastics are by their nature non-biodegradable. Most will break down into smaller and smaller pieces, but those pieces never disappear completely.

‘Beat The Microbead’ is a collective of fifty or so separate organisations, all committed to combating this plastic pollution of our oceans and the marine food chain. The campaign is coordinated by the aptly-named Plastic Soup. Their Beat The Microbead app is a terrific weapon in the armoury against plastic pollution, as well as giving consumers knowledge about what, precisely, they are using in their day-to-day hygiene and beauty routines. It’s available in the Apple App Store, on Google™ Play, and from the Windows Phone Store.

I do believe, very strongly, that all forms of ugliness, including this, need to be taken out of the beauty industry.

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