The 19th century artist and designer William Morris famously wrote:

Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

I am at a point in my life where I appreciate more and more the wisdom of Morris’s words. I try to think about the quality of what I choose to have around me, to concentrate on what matters to me and what simply makes life – my life and the lives of others – better.

In dealing with prolonged ill-health (12 years and counting) but refusing to be defined by it, I have also come to know that I need to make space for a little pampering in my life, to renew my energies when they flag – which is often. Going from day to day takes clarity and manageability, finding and relying upon the things that just work. But from time to time little luxuries are also required – things as simple as a really good latte (surprisingly hard to find), a new lipstick, a posy of flowers beside my bed, the comfort of good books and old movies, the renewal that comes with time spent out-of-doors. So my aim is also that my blog will talk about the practical things that work for me and the straightforward pleasures that bring colour to my life.

This is not a beauty blog: although there will be lipgloss, there will also be wellies. There might be book reviews or posts on favourite films and television dramas, on the writers, fictional characters or actors’ portrayals that I admire or enjoy. There will be a dash of style, a pinch of (very) light gardening, a spot of shopping, a soupçon of skincare.

It will be about the things I want to say and the things that make (my) life worthwhile. I hope you will enjoy it.

Lady Eve copy.jpg

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